Personal Annotations.  
This mic works successfully on Jackson, Concorde 3, 3900 Black, RCI 2950, ​​etc ...  
The tests:  
In several tens of QSO, staggered over two months,  
comparisons were made with two microphones MC 60 Kenwood and AM 508 Adonis ,  
which are not microphones particularly bad, on the contrary, everyone knows it.  
The booster is the best. Sorry!  
Results :  
Modulation very pleasant, extremely impactful, limpidity!  
They are quite common.  
Do not use tantalum capacitors instead of electrochemicals.  
This does not work in this case (BF)!, Pay attention to the values ​​of the recovery components.  
Take a measurement before assembly.  
Basic version :  
It's not really beautiful ... But it works.  
You can add bass and treble in the foot of your microphone.  
This microphone will increase the understanding of your signal without degrading the quality of speech.  
The components can be added on the commercial pickups,  
The gain is 28 dB.  
The output level is to be adjusted by R15.  
R7 and R11 have no effect on the audio 500 output at 1000 Hz.  
U1 provides the additional audio gain and is a part of the boost circuit.  
Precautions :  
I learned that Bifet op amps,  
like the TL 080, tend to make self oscillation in this circuit.  
Standard 741 op amps work well and there is no sign of instability.  
The electret chip needs a voltage of 4.5 volts (ideal).  
However, a voltage of 1.5 to 10 volts is considered satisfactory.