Introduction :  
Many CB stations deliver on the internal speaker,  
a sound that can sometimes be considered insufficient in terms of power.  
This phenomenon is accentuated in the case where the radio equipment is in a  
very noisy vehicle , it becomes impossible to understand his correspondent  
and we are forced to repeat it.  
To cope with this inconvenience, this small audio amplifier will increase the  
sound power and you will not have to force the volume all the way!  
For amplification,  
we use the "TBA 820 M" which is not in a Heptawatt case  
(in 5 pins, and we must add a small radiator) as these homologues TDA 2030,  
but 8-pin integrated circuit.  
The mounting bracket is a simple circuit board of 40mm X 45mm.  
Diagram of the Audio Amplifier for CB :
Be careful not to turn on the volume  
with this amplifier,  
because the speaker will have sequels!