Settings : Pay attention with the gain of this microphone.  
I recommend you adjust your TX for a correct audio level,  
with one or more unamplified mics.  
Adjust R15 for the output level; adjust R7 and R11 according to your voice.  
Turn your adjustable with a plastic screwdriver because with a metal screwdriver  
there would be a hand effect.  
Setting time: 15 minutes with another reliable station (selection to be done Hi!)  
Component side :

Schematic diagram :  
RFC1 = RF miniature choke, 220 mH at 1 mH Do not replace with a ferrite core  
it is possible to further improve the performance of the microphone by:  
changing the value of R6 , 9 , 10 by 1K  
and replacing Q1 ( 2N3904 ) by a 2N2222A (**)  
** ATTENTION to the pin assignment of 2N2222A when installing the component